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An easy way for all of us to learn and get some great ideas is from other people’s experiences. Our Real Wedding Blog presents couple’s wedding experiences, what they found useful, and the secrets they would like to pass on.

This is an ideal place for you to share your wedding memories and knowledge with family, friends and other brides-to-be.

If you would like to add your wedding celebration to our web site, please Email Us with details and photos of your real wedding.

Below is a brief of what you may wish to include in your email.

The Wedding Scene – Real Wedding Article Brief
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Written by:
Brides Name:
Grooms Name:
Article brief….
A little about yourself – your work, where you met your husband, your likes, personality, etc. A review of your wedding day – getting ready, the ceremony and reception.

Also, anything you learnt from planning your wedding, insights, highlights, wonderful suppliers or interesting wedding items you found, a little about your honeymoon, and any other information you may find interesting.

Please attach some photos of your and your husband, the bridal party, ceremony, reception, celebrations, cake cutting, table decorations, etc. A descriptive photo name would also be handy.

You are more than welcome to list your wedding suppliers.


Terms and Conditions – by submitting your wedding photos and story, you agree that if published, The Wedding Scene may use the images and story in our Real Weddings section on our web site, and in promotion of our web site. Your real wedding article may be uploaded at the discretion of The Wedding Scene. Your real wedding article may be edited as necessary by The Wedding Scene.

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