Which Reception Venue?

There are so many choices for wedding reception venues
in Queensland and Nth NSW, such as;
reception centres, resorts, functions rooms, restaurants, vineyards, hotels, clubs,
heritage buildings and museums, or even a garden wedding with a marquee.

Book Your Reception Venue ASAP:
Plans for booking the wedding reception venue should be initiated as soon as the wedding date is set.

Reception Venue Choices

The wedding reception allows family and friends of the couple to offer their congratulations and celebrate with the happy couple. The style of reception will depend on the budget, the number of guests, and your personal preferences.

The type of reception venue:
A reception centre, resort, restaurant, function room, hotel, golf club, cruise, marquee, holiday rental home, or at home.

The catering:
In-house or included at the reception venue, outside caterer, or family and friends.

The style of catering:
Sit down, stand up, formal, casual, guests choice or alternate meals, buffet, hot or cold, canapés or finger food, and special dietary requirements.

For those on a budget, in most localities there is a church, school or local authority hall available for hire.

Here’s a rough guide on what you may need to discuss with a venue before making a booking:

  • The number of guests and the size of the function room.
  • The menu – most venues will offer a choice of menus and wines at various prices.
  • Seating plans – ask what seating plans are possible in the space available.
  • Room and table decorations – ask to see the table linen, decorations and place settings available.
  • Parking – does the venue have enough parking spaces for all guests.
  • If the reception is being held in a hotel they will often offer special rates for the bridal suite, or for guests to stay overnight.

Small Wedding?

For a small wedding you may choose a canape’ catered reception in a creative and arty space. Why not hire a local art gallery or listed heritage building? Alternatively, a fantastic idea could be a country retreat or boutique holiday rental home, so that your select few guests can enjoy a long weekend as well as the wedding.

Garden Wedding?

A garden wedding can be a great alternative to a larger venue and less expensive too. Quiet and intimate in a beautiful setting. It is advisable to make sure that you have some cover; a marquee or even inside the house. There are a great many exclusive holiday homes that can act as both the wedding venue and the reception venue.

TWS Reception2

You can book a venue such as a reception centre, function room, restaurant, resort, club, cruise, or other venue type that will do all the organizing for you, or you can manage everything yourself and source a venue, caterers, flowers, equipment hire, entertainment, etc, or anything in between.

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Ceremony & Reception Venue

Your Ceremony at Your Reception Venue

Many couples are choosing to have their marriage ceremony at the same venue as their wedding reception. This can make your planning easier and save you and your guests travel time.

Why not have everything in the one place, from the marriage ceremony to picturesque photograph opportunities, to a dream wedding reception? This can be a little more expensive, however the benefit is a less stressful wedding day leaving you and your family to enjoy the celebration.

Destination Weddings

Getting married on your honeymoon is also an increasingly popular option when planning your wedding.

Many couples are choosing to have their honeymoon at the same location as their wedding ceremony and reception, with a few close family and friends. This could be in Australia or an amazing overseas destination.

Make sure there is enough accommodation for you and all your guests at either the wedding venue or nearby hotels with a price range to suit all your guests’ budgets.

Tip – when looking at accommodation numbers, have a good idea of who can actually travel to your destination wedding first.

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