Which Reception Venue?

There are so many choices for wedding reception venues
in Queensland and Nth NSW, such as;
reception centres, resorts, functions rooms, restaurants, vineyards, hotels, clubs,
heritage buildings and museums, or even a garden wedding with a marquee.

Book Your Reception Venue ASAP:
Plans for booking the wedding reception venue should be initiated as soon as the wedding date is set.

Reception Venue Choices

The wedding reception allows family and friends of the couple to offer their congratulations and celebrate with the happy couple. The style of reception will depend on the budget, the number of guests, and your personal preferences.

The type of reception venue:
A reception centre, resort, restaurant, function room, hotel, golf club, cruise, marquee, holiday rental home, or at home.

The catering:
In-house or included at the reception venue, outside caterer, or family and friends.

The style of catering:
Sit down, stand up, formal, casual, guests choice or alternate meals, buffet, hot or cold, canapés or finger food, and special dietary requirements.

For those on a budget, in most localities there is a church, school or local authority hall available for hire.

Here’s a rough guide on what you may need to discuss with a venue before making a booking:

  • The number of guests and the size of the function room.
  • The menu – most venues will offer a choice of menus and wines at various prices.
  • Seating plans – ask what seating plans are possible in the space available.
  • Room and table decorations – ask to see the table linen, decorations and place settings available.
  • Parking – does the venue have enough parking spaces for all guests.
  • If the reception is being held in a hotel they will often offer special rates for the bridal suite, or for guests to stay overnight.

Small Wedding?

For a small wedding you may choose a canape’ catered reception in a creative and arty space. Why not hire a local art gallery or listed heritage building? Alternatively, a fantastic idea could be a country retreat or boutique holiday rental home, so that your select few guests can enjoy a long weekend as well as the wedding.

Garden Wedding?

A garden wedding can be a great alternative to a larger venue and less expensive too. Quiet and intimate in a beautiful setting. It is advisable to make sure that you have some cover; a marquee or even inside the house. There are a great many exclusive holiday homes that can act as both the wedding venue and the reception venue.

TWS Reception2

You can book a venue such as a reception centre, function room, restaurant, resort, club, cruise, or other venue type that will do all the organizing for you, or you can manage everything yourself and source a venue, caterers, flowers, equipment hire, entertainment, etc, or anything in between.

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Love-Locked Wedding Ceremony

Love Locked1

The Love-Locked Ceremony
is becoming very popular at weddings.

It is a very romantic and magical way to conclude
your wedding ceremony.

What is a Love-Locked Ceremony?
Take two padlocks…
The padlocks are locked together as a symbol of the bride and bridegroom being together in marriage forever.

The keys for the locks are attached to eco-friendly helium balloons which are released into the sky at the end of the wedding ceremony by the bride and groom. How romantic!

Love Locked2I’ve had couples simply buy a couple of locks at Bunnings, whilst others have found heart shaped locks on Ebay and had them engraved with both their names and the date of their wedding.

I’ve performed this special ceremony many many times where everything has gone perfectly to plan. Then there have been those times when the unexpected occurs…

The very first time I had a bride and groom decide to have a love-locked ceremony was at a wedding in the country at the bride and grooms home – such a lovely setting. When we got to the part in the service when the bride and groom release the balloons, the fun began. The balloons floated up maybe two metres and then just bobbed along the paddock, across the garden, and straight into the bride and grooms house! We all had quite a giggle.

The balloons had been blown up in the morning and it was now 4 pm — they had deflated somewhat. The groom then disappeared into the house and reappeared several minutes later with about 15 more balloons. This time the keys were taken away by the wind… never to be seen again.

Since that time I have advised the bride and groom to fill the balloons with helium as late in the day as possible.

Another wedding, another love-locked story…
Two of the most gorgeous little flower girls you ever did see. The two little blond beauties looked adorable, however I couldn’t see them at all during the wedding ceremony. I was told later by the photographer of the unparalleled entertainment that these two little darlings provided the guests with.

I announced to the guests that the Bride and Groom would now be signing the Marriage Register and afterwards there would be a very special ceremony that they may not have seen before. I turn around to point out the balloons but they were nowhere to be seen because the two little darlings had let them go at the start of the wedding ceremony. So there was some quick improvising on my part – luckily I’m very good at thinking on my feet. The wedding was on the Brisbane River, so instead of balloons, the Bride and Groom throw the keys (the spare set that you always get with the padlocks) into the river. The guests weren’t any the wiser and the Bride and Groom had a great laugh over it.

The love-locked wedding ceremony is such a wonderful symbol of the Bride and Groom becoming one together, forever. You can choose eco-friendly balloons that are colour themed for your wedding. You can also have all the guests let their own balloons go too.

Have a wonderful wedding day.

Article by: Jane K Payne – Marriage Celebrant

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Wedding Cake Inspiration

The Centrepiece at Your Reception

Although there are so many types of wedding cakes to choose from, many people prefer a traditional wedding cake for their big day, especially if you have chosen a formal wedding.

If you want a more traditional wedding cake but you want it to look trendy and chic, you may wish to consider having a less traditional shape, or a traditional tiered shape with a shaded design exterior.

Maybe Less Traditional

Wedding cakes can be made in different shapes including hearts, stacked shapes, or even shaped to look like presents. What about a gorgeous rainbow wedding cake, or layered colours complimenting a rainbow themed wedding. Or rainbow inside and out wedding cake with butter cream icing, or even using the Ombre shading effect.

Ombre Wedding Cake

Absolutely gorgeous tinting using a single colour.

OmbreFrom bridemaids’ dresses, to cakes, flowers, shoes, and even table linen — Ombre is popular. A beautiful and subtle tone on tone variation in a single color, where the colour washes from light to intense/dark.

If you want to make sure your wedding cake is unique, an Ombre wedding cake offers you the opportunity to theme your wedding around your cake.

Ombré is a modern take on the traditional wedding cake. More and more brides and grooms experimenting with the design and exterior of their wedding cake with an Ombre shading, whilst keeping with a more traditional sponge, chocolate, vanilla or fruit cake flavour for their wedding cake.

Create a Cupcake Tower Masterpiece

Another trend is choosing cupcakes instead. This allows you to have different kinds of cake and different kinds of frosting and is much less messy than cutting the traditional cake. A cupcakes wedding tower can look truly magical. As an alternative why not serve beautifully designed cupcakes for desert choosing varied flavours for each cupcake?

For the Chocoholics

Choc CakeFor all you chocoholics what better reason to indulge in pure heaven? Whether it’s simply chocolate you are after, or something with a twist, there are so many options for a chocolate wedding cake. Adapt chocolate wedding cakes by choosing different quantities of white, milk or dark chocolate to create a delectable delight. Or, combine your chocolate cake with Ombre icing in any colour to enhance your wedding theme.

Healthy Wedding Cakes

Fruity and colourful wedding cakeInstead of the sweet and decadent icings, many brides are choosing wedding cakes that have much healthier toppings, such as cakes topped in various fruits, depending on the season and the style of the wedding. A beach wedding may lead to a cake topped with tropical fruits or strawberries. Not only is fruit much healthier, it is great tasting and a decoration all its own.

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Does Size Matter with Diamonds?

A Guide to Choosing Your Engagement Ring

Rings9The jury is still out, but it is something that every Lady will have a definite opinion about. In essence, when choosing an engagement ring it all comes down to the size and quality of the stone, or stones. But before we get to the interesting questions, we should cover a few of the basics.

The Budget

Traditionally the cost of an engagement ring was around two month’s wage. But in reality, spend what you can afford and what you are comfortable spending. The amount you can expect to pay can vary enormously. A perfectly acceptable ring (0.7 carat, I colour, good Round Cut, VS1 Clarity, on a yellow gold setting) from a reputable online vendor will set you back around $3,400. However if you wander down to Tiffany & Co, you can pick up a stunning 2.5 carat round solitaire Ring from $57,000.

As a rule of thumb don’t be afraid to haggle, and keep in mind that people are increasingly using the internet, not only to research but also to buy both stones and settings. Naturally if you go down this path, make sure the website is reputable and that the right documentation is provided. If you are buying from overseas and the purchase is more than $1,000 you will also have to pay GST on top of the original price.

Buy Off The Shelf or Custom Made

Rings2The second hurdle is to decide whether to buy off the shelf or custom-made. In both these cases you will still need to have the ring sized appropriately. The best bet for sizing is to “borrow” one of your other half’s existing rings. But make sure that it is something that she wears often, is comfortable with and fits the right finger!

Custom made to measure is an interesting process. You either can commission a specific design or even have a go at designing something yourself. In my own case I took what I knew of my wife’s tastes, took a few hints from things that I had seen in some very expensive windows and drafted up a design. This pathway is not for the faint of heart and finding a good Jeweller is very important. I was lucky, as a friend of my sister came highly recommended. She did a wonderful job and even helped me shop for the right stone wholesale. And when it comes to choosing a stone, trust is very important.

The Four C’s

The Four C’s are Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight.

With diamonds it all comes down to some very simple but fiendishly challenging options. Not putting any stress on it, but this is a decision that your dear wife may have to live with for the rest of her days. She will be more aware of this than you can possibly ever know.

There is also the 5 th “C” which refers to the quality of the actual Diamond Cut. A perfectly cut Diamond will outshine any of the more ‘regular’ cuts. Only about 10% of Diamonds are cut to precise mathematic angles to qualify as a “Hearts and Arrows” diamond. They are also referred to as ‘triple EX’ which means it states on the Certificate that the Cut, Polish and Symmetry of the Diamond is rated; Excellent, Excellent, Excellent.

The cut of a diamond determines its dimensions, its brilliance and its finish. Most experts regard the cut as the most important factor, as the right cut will maximize the light reflected off the stone, while a poor cut will reduce the stones brilliance, regardless of clarity or colour.

Popular cuts include: The round brilliant cut accounts for more than 75% of diamonds sold and is considered to be the benchmark. The round cut, by its very nature is also the best cut to give you maximum light reflection. Other shapes, especially the Baguette cut are less brilliant – the baguette for example, looks more like a piece of Ice. However the popularity of “fancy cuts” is much defined by prevailing fashion and in practicality, local availability and expertise.

The colour of diamonds can vary enormously. For engagement rings the general acceptable grades range from D (100% colourless) through to I (nearly colourless).

Generally the clearer the diamond the higher the cost, and while the difference in appearance between colourless and near colourless may not be that obvious, there is a big difference in price. Interestingly it is easier to detect colour in fancy cut diamonds which is why H or higher is often recommend as opposed to I or higher in the more standard brilliant.

Rings8Clarity is fairly straightforward to evaluate. In essence, diamonds naturally contain external marks or scratches (blemishes), or internal irregularities (inclusions). They are categorized as follows:
Flawless (FL) – no visible inclusions or blemishes.
Internally Flawless (IF) – no visible inclusions and only small blemishes on the diamond surface.
Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 & VVS2) – minute inclusions that are difficult for a skilled grader to see.
Very Slightly Included (VS1 & VS2) – minor inclusions that are difficult to somewhat easy for a trained grader to see.
Slightly Included (SI1 & SI2) – noticeable inclusions that are easy to very easy for a trained grader to see with a 10 x times jewellers loupe.
Included (I1, I2 & I3) – obvious inclusions that are clearly visible to a trained grader. Included diamonds have inclusions that are usually visible without magnification or have inclusions that threaten the durability of the stone.

Carat weight is simply a measure of weight. 1 carat (1ct) is equal to 0.2 grams or 0.007 ounces. Smaller diamonds can also be measured in carat weight points, with one carat equal to 100 points.

Size Versus Quality

Everyone has their own opinion. If quality is the key, then you will need to find an acceptable balance between cut, clarity and colour. Although the selection of a setting designed to showcase the maximum amount of fire and brilliance may also prove to be a counterpoint to a small carat weight.

If size is more the goal, you could select a larger carat stone but with lower quality colour, clarity and cut. Another option includes adding side accent stones, to enlarge the appearance of the ring and total carat weight. Mounting a stone on a high pronged setting can also make a stone appear larger, as can the selection of a fancy cut such as a pear or rectangular shape.

Hopefully this information will help you to make an informed decision on the most important Ring you will ever purchase.

Written by: Eckart Schillings, Gold and Platinumsmith, Rings for Brides

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Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony3The Sand Ceremony is very popular at wedding ceremonies and can just involve the Bride and Groom, or, other members of the family can also participate.

This ceremony involves pouring coloured sands into a glass vessel with each colour having a meaning. It’s a lovely symbolic picture of, firstly, the Bride and Groom, and secondly, other people in a family being blended together as one.

This ceremony is especially meaningful when there are children belonging to the bride, groom, or both, from previous relationships, as the children can be included, and this ceremony gives them a wonderful sense of belonging. Depending upon the Bride and Grooms personal choices, I would suggest that the Bride pours first, then the children, and then finally the Groom, but it’s always about the Bride and Groom and how they’d like it.

The Bride, the Groom, and anyone else who is going to participate in the ceremony, each have their own coloured sand. One by one they pour their sand into the vessel that’s been chosen as the keepsake. This makes for a wonderful memento of the wedding day.

I’ve seen quite a few different vessels used. Krosno crystal, which had been beautifully engraved, heart shaped bottles from a $2 shop and even an old bourbon bottle. I often use wine glasses for the individual coloured sands and have them arranged on the signing table ready for the pouring.

I had a couple who only wanted two colours because these colours had a special meaning for them. They layered the two colours alternatively in their chosen vessel.

Of course, you don’t have to use coloured sand either. How about sand from the beach where you got engaged or from a special holiday. It’s all about what’s special for you.

Sand Ceremony1

Sand Ceremony2When the sands are poured they can be layered in their colours or shaken together showing that all members of the family are blended together never to be separated. That one too is a personal choice.

I like to use wording for the different colours because each colour has a prophetic meaning. Here are some examples:
White Sand – White is the colour for the Bride. White is for the purity of love.
Purple Sand – Purple is a colour about strength. The colour for a husband.
Blue Sand – Blue represents service. The serving of one another.
Red Sand – Red is for the passion of love.
Pink Sand – Pink is for healing. Love is healing.
Green Sand – Green is about a new beginning.
Yellow Sand – Yellow is about joy.
Orange Sand – Orange is about fire. The trials and tribulations of life.
Gold Sand – Gold is for the golden years, yet to come.

The Sand Ceremony is always a lovely inclusion in your wedding day celebrations as it offers the opportunity to include children and other family members in the ceremony, and gives you a beautiful memento of your special day.

Article by: Jane K Payne – Marriage Celebrant

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Wedding Bomboniere Ideas


Bomboniere or Wedding Favours are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation to guests from the bride and groom during the wedding reception,
usually placed on the wedding reception tables near each guest’s name tag.

They can be edible, wedding themed, or a practical gift, and kept as a wedding keepsake.

Wedding Bomboniere and Gift Ideas

Edible wedding bomboniere:
Candy and chocolate bomboniere such as; sugared almonds, chocolate hearts, personalized chocolate, confectionery, and candy filled jars, tins and boxes.

Practical wedding favours/bomboniere and giftware ideas:
Crystal or glassware favours, disposable wedding cameras, salt and pepper shakers, soaps, paper lanterns, bottle stoppers, cupcake holder favours, candles, mini photo frames, key rings, silver items, coasters, bookmark favours, coloured themed favours, organza or satin gift favours, or decorated unique favour boxes made of tin, paper or glass.

You can select bomboniere to match the colour theme of your wedding; such as a coloured organza bag of sugared almonds, or a coloured or ribboned favour box with treats, chocolates, or any gift within.

You can also add your creative touch and diy. You can easily source organza bags or favour boxes from local stores and fill them with a gift that reflects you and your grooms personal tastes and individuality. Alternately, use wrapping paper and ribbon to wrap your gift.

Another trend is the ‘candy bar’ which can be used as your bomboniere, or in addition to your wedding favours, where your guests can fill their own containers with edible candy treats beautifully set up on a table at the reception.

You can’t be everywhere at once so make sure all the best informal moments are captured on your special day by having a disposable camera on each table for guests to use.

Bridal Party Giftware
Buying the members of your bridal party a gift is common practice in Australia, and shows your appreciation of their contribution to your wedding. The type of gift depends on the recipient’s age, sex, personality, interests, and your budget.

Giftware ideas for your maid of honour and bridesmaids,
and the mother of the bride and/or groom;

Jewellery; such as earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet to complement their bridesmaid outfits, or gifts such as; shoe clips, purse mirrors, bath salts and soaps, cosmetic bag, jewellery box, or engraved wine flutes or champagne glass. The list is endless and you know what your friends will love.

Giftware ideas for your best man and groomsmen,
and father of bride and/or groom;

Pewter mugs, Stein glasses, beer glasses and mugs, a hip flask, cuff links, a watch, money clip, bottle opener, coaster set, key chain, bottle stopper, pocket knife, business card holder, personalized shot glasses, wallet, engraved pen, golf gifts, can cooler, bar gift sets. Many gift selections can be personalised; either printed, embossed, etched, or engraved.

Giftware ideas for your flower girl;
A piece of jewellery to wear with their outfit will always go down well with your young flower girl, or maybe a embroidered fluffy toy, a jewellery box, or an engraved keep sake.

Giftware ideas for your page boy;
A page boy gift must be one of the hardest to find; maybe an embroidered teddy bear or soft toy, sweet treats, or an engraved keep sake. Better still, give him and engraved keepsake as well as a toy car – that way you wont disappoint him with something that he doesn’t really want, as all little boys like their toy cars.

We hope you can use some of these ideas when planning your wedding.

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Wedding Transport

Limo2When you start looking at wedding transport, the first thing you may wish to consider is how many people you wish to transport. From there you can start contacting wedding transport suppliers.

There are several questions you may wish to ask transport suppliers:
* Do they have insurance and the relevant licenses?
* What type of cars and age, can you inspect the cars?
* What will the chauffeur wear?
* Are there any complimentary extras such as; nibbles, champagne, decorations, TV, a sunroof, etc.

Ask the costs – the hourly rate, minimum number of hours, any special package deals.
If you want to save money you may wish to have a pickup-and drop-off service only, so drivers aren’t waiting around and costing you more.

Get the hire details in writing, including; transport date, costs and car registration numbers. And make sure the transport suppler has all the details for transporting you and your VIP’s, such as pickup address(es), pickup time(s), wedding venue detail, photography location, reception venue location and your first night destination (if you using the transport to take you from your reception).

If you prefer a vintage car, please bear in mind that they may not have air conditioning, so the season and the time of the day may play a roll in selecting one of these beautiful cars.

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Caring for Your Diamond Ring

How to Clean Your Diamond Rings

Rings6It is normal that your Diamond Ring would get a bit dirty over time. Hand creams, hair styling products and everyday grime leave small traces on your Ring. If you let those materials accumulate on and inside your ring, they will make your diamond look ‘blind’ and without the beautiful fire that it used to display.

Although your Diamond is the hardest natural material known to man, you cannot just use any type of cleaner to clean your Diamond Ring. Some cleaners are simply too harsh and will effect the metal of your ring and the setting. You need to make sure that your cleaning does not scratch the Gold, Platinum or Palladium.

Following are some simple, yet effective ways to shine up your Diamond Ring – we are talking about real diamond rings, not fake diamonds, fracture filled diamonds or other diamond look-a-likes.

Cleaning Your Diamond Rings at Home

1. Firstly, soak your diamond ring in warm water with a bit of of mild liquid dish washing detergent. Leave in the solution for 10 to 30 minutes.

2. Next, use an old, soft toothbrush to gently remove any remaining dirt.

3. Once the dirt has come off, place the ring in fresh, warm water plus detergent solution and swirl the ring around so that any bits of loose dirt will get washed out. You could suspend your ring on a piece of string and then rinse in warm water. Make sure the drain of your washbasin is plugged so you can’t loose your ring if you drop it!

4. For best results, I recommend you place your washed ring in a cup with de-mineralized / or distilled water to get rid of any dish washing residues. Remove and gently pat dry your diamond ring with a lint-free cloth. Placing the ring on a clean towel and gently drying with a hairdryer works really well. If all this does not work for your ring and the dirt is much harder to get rid of, then you can try to use a dental water pik to flush away the small bits of dirt. Wooden toothpicks are also very useful to gently push away the dirt that clings to your diamond or the setting.

Cleaning Rings with Different Types of Gemstones

This is where it gets a little more complicated. Diamonds are the most durable gemstones, so cleaning them is pretty straight forward. Other gemstones can be a bit, or even a lot more fragile (Pearls for example).

Most of the classic gemstones like Sapphire and Ruby are pretty tough and can be cleaned in a similar way as the Diamond. Garnets are hard enough, Amethyst and Onyx are also fine, but be careful with Emeralds, Opals, Turquoise, and Coral.

If your ring is set with other gemstones, you will need to choose a cleaning method that is suitable for those particular gemstones. If you are in doubt about the gemstones in your jewellery, or feel it’s too risky to clean your jewellery at home, then you need to take your Fine Jewellery to a manufacturing Jeweller who would be able to properly identify your jewellery and use the appropriate methods to not only clean, but also buff up your jewellery so it shines like new.

White Gold Jewellery can be a problem as it usually gets Rhodium plated, a thin layer that wears off over time, so your white gold jewellery might also need a new Rhodium plating to bring it back to the look it originally had.

So, if you can’t do it at home, take your jewellery to a professional manufacturing Jeweller or Gold and Silversmith for cleaning and polishing.

Diamond Rings and Swimming Pools

Rings7Chlorine is not good for your Diamond Rings and other jewellery, so when it comes to going for a dip, you’d better take off your fine jewellery. If you need to do some pool maintenance, such as adding Chlorine, Hydrocloric Acid etc, wear gloves and again, protect your jewellery from getting into contact with those strong Acids.

I hope these jewellery cleaning tips can be of help to you.

Written by: Eckart Schillings, Gold and Platinumsmith, Rings for Brides

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Wedding – Hair & Makeup Tips

Hair & Makeup Tips – Before and On Your Wedding Date

FacebookDetermine if you require a trial and when. A trial is not always needed or convenient for a ‘Bride To Be’ however if you do choose to have a wedding hair and makeup up trial, try and have your trial on the date of your hens event. Another great time is on the day of your final dress fitting, allowing you to catch a glimpse of your ‘look on the day’.

At Your Trial
Provide as much information as you can to your stylist, such as; your wedding look/theme, facial features, hair and skin colourings, skin conditions, likes and dislikes, wedding day time schedule, and include photo examples. Your stylist will be able to provide you with ideas and get a better understanding of your dream wedding look.

Let your stylist know if you require a lipstick colour from your trial so that she can arrange to bring it along on your wedding day.

Your stylist should provide you with a run schedule for the day prior to your wedding or at your trial. Its important to follow this schedule for a smooth, stress free run on the day.

On Your Wedding Day
Have an area that has good lighting, table and a power point, and is out of the way. Check with your stylist if they require dry or wet hair, washed the morning of, or the day before, your wedding.

If you and your bridesmaids are wearing strapless or one shoulder gowns, I recommend you wear a strapless or loose top while to get ready to prevent red indents on the tops of your shoulders that may be visible once you get into your gowns. A button up shirt or robe is a great idea to prevent your hair and makeup being disturbed when you get dressed.

If you are wearing decorative hair clips, pins, or accessories, please ensure that your stylist uses hair spray before they are in your hair (or earrings) as this will make them dull.

Check your shoes have grip, if not, gentle scuffing the bottom of them on concrete may assist with some additional grip. Apply Band-Aids when you get dressed to prevent blisters from those new shoes – prevention is better than cure!

Applying moisturiser to your legs a while before you are due to get dressed – this will help prevent static when you are walking.

If you are wearing a garter, have it higher up your leg or further down to prevent a lump being seen as you walk down the isle.

When your flowers arrive, place them in the bathroom as this is generally the coolest room for them. Check pollen stems have been trimmed to prevent staining you and your gown.

Once you and your bridesmaids have had your makeup and hair done is important that you all stay out of the weather as this will ensure your freshness.

Looking at the bride and groom on the day, the bride and her bridesmaids usually stand on the left slightly turning inward facing the groom and groomsmen. Keep in mind that your hair styles and hair accessories should be placed on YOUR right side (should the style suit). This ensures your hair styles face your guests at all times while everyone is taking pictures.

Beauty2Before Your Wedding Day Trial

The same rule applies when your photographer is taking your photos after the ceremony.

Generally the bride has hair and makeup last or second last so you are the freshest.

Things to have on stand by for your big day: Band-Aids, mints, straws for drinking after makeup, snacks, nail polish remover, nail polish, nail or super glue, needle and cotton, tissues, lip product for you and your bridesmaids, cotton tips (great for makeup clean ups), Panadol, umbrellas (great for rain, wind and sun).

Written by: Honni Law Foley, Beauty By Me Mobile Hair & Makeup

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